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Digital Editions

We are delighted to introduce the new digital supplements published by Retail Banker International. Available online and tablet application, the supplement is available for free and features topical focuses on some of the key developments, trends and challenges in the retail banking sector. It also features topical thought leadership by our knowledge partners. The free supplements are published several times a year and distributed to thousands of retail banking players globally.

RBI Dec 2021 - Digital Editions

ISSUE 26 – December 2021

Challenger banks like Nubank, C6 Bank and Neon Bank are riding high on the fintech boom in Latin America, but they are not alone.

rbi issue 25 cover - Digital Editions

ISSUE 25 – April 2021

Ramadan has become a key tool for marketers who want to connect with Muslim shoppers. This issue of RBI looks at how banks are adapting their services.

rbi digi 24 cover - Digital Editions

ISSUE 24 – February 2021

Challengers must up their game to stay relevant. This issue of RBI looks at how fintechs can build a sustainable future for themselves.

RBI Digimag 23 - Digital Editions

ISSUE 23 – December 2020

Covid-19 has caused a huge disruption in retail banking. As the pandemic transitions into 2021, we look at what banks can expect in the new year.

rbi digi oct cover - Digital Editions

ISSUE 22 – October 2020

In order to make a dent in the market, fintechs are continually adding new features to their portfolios. RBI looks at how the banking landscape is changing.

rbi issue 21 cover - Digital Editions

ISSUE 21 – August 2020

In this issue, we look at how banks are embracing technology to offer more personalised services. This is especially important as Covid-19 continues to alter the banking world.

rbi digi june cover - Digital Editions

ISSUE 20 – June 2020

In this issue, we look at how banks across the globe are moving towards the Open X era, which requires banks and fintechs to work together to create more personalised services.

rbi digi april - Digital Editions

ISSUE 19 – APRIL 2020

In this issue, we look at how Covid-19 has impacted retail banking across all sectors of the globe. Not only has the virus forced banks to go digital but it has also seen them offer new services.

RBI Feb - Digital Editions


In this issue, we look at the leading banks on social media, Discover’s super bowl campaign, leading bank’s CSR strategies and the top credit card rewards schemes.

RBI December - Digital Editions


In this issue, we look at banks looking at CaixaBank opening a new “all in one” branch in Barcelona, Akbank: the digital transformation of one of Turkey’s largest banks, how comedy is key to Nationwide PayDay SaveDay campaign, RBI 2020 forecasts, and more.

RBI Oct - Digital Editions


In this issue, we look at banks looking at the selfie for security, Revolut utilising Instagram and influencers to spread the word, questioning if free access to cash is going away, the biggest news stories in the sector, and more.

RBI August - Digital Editions

ISSUE 15 – AUGUST 2019

In this issue, we look at how ING makes branches a home away from home, the Bank of Georgia targeting the affluent segment, Caixa making the branch ‘all-in-one’ and more.

84c43a49 360a 4691 becf 9c3852f9703c - Digital Editions

ISSUE 14 – JUNE 2019

In this issue, we look at some of the biggest moves in banking advertising so far in 2019. What is working? What isn’t? Are banks utilising the attention they receive in the right way? We look at some prime examples.

issue 13 cover - Digital Editions

ISSUE 13 – MAY 2019

From emerging fintechs to the stalwart banks, the financial sector remains thrilling to watch in the Middle East. We look at the biggest trends and players.

issue 12 - Digital Editions

ISSUE 12 – APRIL 2019

Financial institutions need to transform digitally and there are successful examples. However, not all firms are succeeding in this goal.

rbi feb - Digital Editions

ISSUE 11 – February 2019

The bank branch is far from dead and RBI looks at some of the latest leading examples of innovative branch design scorss the globe, from Latin America to the UK to continental Europe.

RBI Dec - Digital Editions


Banks are expanding their reach from incumbents such as Danske to new players like Bunq and N26. Are banks extending their reach and forcing the market to consolidate?

rbi oct - Digital Editions


The latest digital supplement of Retail Banker International explores banks’ employee numbers in the US, digital sub brands (the successes and otherwise) as well as the booming fintech in Australia, and more

RBI1808 - Digital Editions


This digital supplement of Retail Banker International explores bank naming rights deals, Mastercard’s partnership with Nathan Wyburn, the top banks on Instagram, and more

RBI1806 2 - Digital Editions

ISSUE 7 – JUNE 2018

This digital supplement of Retail Banker International explores the changing landscape of retail banking

rbi april digi mag  - Digital Editions

ISSUE 6 – APRIL 2018

This digital supplement of Retail Banker International ranks the best mobile banking apps and explores the opportunities and risks present in open banking.

RBI1802cover - Digital Editions


This digital supplement of Retail Banker International explores how new innovations can help transform the banking sector.

rbi1712 - Digital Editions


This digital supplement of Retail Banker International explores whether people actually like their banks, and what banks can do to retain brand loyalty.

RBI 1709 cover h - Digital Editions


10 years after the financial crisis, what have we learned? Could the crisis have been a missed opportunity?
We explore the fact that branches are still closing a decade after the crisis. And are banks properly utilising a millennial market? All this and more in this issue of Retail Banker International

RBI 1706 cover h - Digital Editions

ISSUE 2 – JUNE 2017

What will banking look like in 10 years’ time? Will we still be using password or will our bodies replace them? How will PSD2 shake things up? Are fintech firms going to fulfil their potential and gain sizable market share? All this and more in the latest digital issue of RBI.

rbide - Digital Editions

ISSUE 1 – MARCH 2017

In the ever-evolving world of banking, the debate is whether the physical or digital best serves customers’ needs. In this issue of RBI, branch strategies are examined in-depth and the new age of open banking is considered plus Vernon Hill of Metro Banks speaks exclusively.

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